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Nobody likes to be sick, but some illnesses are not just unpleasant and painful but are also considered to be embarrassing. For instance, every man has a fear of becoming impotent, and just because it is unhealthy but because it is a huge punch to the men’s ego if he is not able to perform sexually.
In seems like this problem should not be considered shameful in the modern society where people are obsessed with male and female equality, but nonetheless, men are not eager to reveal their secrets.
It is also not uncommon for men to be ashamed to go to a doctor and as a result - self-prescribe ED medication, but that can be very dangerous. It is important to consult a doctor before taking any prescription medication because only your physician will be able to treat you accordingly to your condition.

What medication to take?

If you are a man suffering from ED, do not worry – this condition can be dangerous only if it stays untreated. But if you were diagnosed and spotted it early then you will most likely be able to treat it with ease. Modern medicine offers a variety of ED medications, among which Sildenafil holds special place. Sildenafil (Generic Viagra) is one of the first drugs that have been produced specifically for erectile dysfunction (impotence) treatment.
It is no coincidence that Sildenafil is so popular, its secret in its effectiveness and availability, besides, Sildenafil works fast and is practically harmless. These are the reasons most men keep choosing Sildenafil over other impotence medications for many years now.

Sildenafil against lung disease

Sildenafil (Generic Viagra) truly is a wonder drug. This medication is not nearly as simple as it may first appear. Sildenafil is used not only for treating erectile dysfunction, but for many other serious health conditions, such as lung disease for instance. It may seem that Sildenafil only affect directly the penis, but that is not true. Sildenafil affect the whole body, as it induced and increases the blood flood throughout the whole body.
A certain lung condition that is called pulmonary hypertension can be treated by a simple Sildenafil – doctors say. This rare but very dangerous and even fatal condition appears when the blood pressure in the lungs significantly rises and the blood vessels in the lungs become constricted.
Sildenafil helps by relieving the blood pressure from the lungs and dilating the blood vessels and therefore allowing for the lungs to fully function once again.