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How does Tadalafil differ from the other agents which improve erection?

The main point how do they differ is duration. Tadalafil acts during 36 hours. This allows you to take a pill and simply forget about problems with erection. And if you have a desire to engage in sexual contact, you get an erection in the right place at the right time - as long as the drug continues to have effect.
In other words, you might not need to adjust to Tadalafil - drug adapt to you. You will return to situational sex life when you enter into a sexual relationship having a desire, and sexual intercourse without planning ahead.
Tadalafil is not a stimulant, and does not increase sexual desire. It is designed to improve erections. But in order to have this erection arose it leads to sexual stimulation. In other words, when you feel sexually attracted to your partner, you have an erection. Here comes into play Tadalafil, and maintains the level of erection – the level that is sufficient to start a sexual intercourse, and to continue with it, and to finish.

Are there analogues of Tadalafil and who is the manufacturer?

The manufactures of Tadalafil are known around the word. This is a pharmaceutical company founded by Eli Lilly (USA). She is also the developer of the drug. Now pharmaceutical companies have started production of the cheaper, but equally effective Tadalafil (Generic Cialis).
It is absolutely identical in composition with Tadalafil and it is produced and sold at other brand name or under the name of active ingredient - Tadalafil. They cost less, due to lower advertising costs.

And a little more on the topic…

Now the problem of impotence (or – putting it in medical terms - erectile dysfunction) is shown very strongly in the civilized world. Problem of the potency appears in more and more active young and middle age people.
First and foremost, it happens due to psychological problems. In addition, the potency harmfully influences on the whole body and leads to the bad habits - in fact, almost all men smoke, lead a sedentary lifestyle and consume alcohol.
There also exist physiological problems causing by violation of potency Here could be highly serious diseases such as atherosclerosis vascular, diabetes, nervous disorders and sexual vessels (innervation is the genital blood vessels supplying the nerves, allowing their connection to the central nervous system. That is why the violation of innervation very often leads to serious problems).